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Cooler in a Copter Tour


It’s cooler in a copter! Fly with the doors off and climb to two thousand feet above the ground where the air is cooler. Take two friends and some cameras for a thrilling ride to cool down at a great price. This 8 mile loop leaves from Hillsboro Airport.


When tempuratures around Portland get above 90 degrees it’s time to get above the heat! Find two friends for this unique and fun filled way to cool off in a helicopter. To start we take all the doors off the helicopter so there’s nothing between you and a cool breeze. Then you’ll lift off and climb up 2,000 feet  where the air temperature will be at least 10 degrees cooler than on the ground. At this altitude you’ll see the whole region from the Cascade Mountains to the Coastal Range and south into the Willamette Valley. Have your cameras out for unimpeded shots and amazing “door-off” selfies. This 8 mile round trip tour is a super fun and inexpensive way to have fun on a hot day. Enjoying the view and the cool temps? Talk to our crew about doing another, longer tour when you land.


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