Fly with Santa

Ho! Ho! Ho! Who wouldn’t go?
Up on the rooftops – quick, quick, quick –
Fly in a heli with Ol’ Saint Nick!

Fly with Santa in his helicopter this holiday season! A Portland original experience. Take your kids for the Santa event of a lifetime or go with a friend for a really fun Christmastime jaunt over Portland.

Their will of course be time for photos with Santa and the pictures are AMAZING!

In true magical sleigh fashion, you’ll fly off the Downtown Rooftop Heliport & view the city from the sky! Santa knows when to fly… day and night views of the city and surroundings are stunning this time of year. You’ll enjoy crisp, clear air for great visibility and a gorgeous, lush landscape.

This is a new Portland tradition, not available anywhere else in America and you’ll have a blast.

These are perfect flights for kids and adults to see rivers, skyscrapers, bridges, boats, cars, the OHSU tram and more exciting things than they can count out of the windows of the helicopter with Santa as their guide.


To fly with Santa just click the button below and you will be able to choose the tour length, and specify your preferred date and time.


Santa will be flying locals and visitors alike on his routes in the skies above Portland from Nov. 30th through Dec. 31st.

Fly with Santa over Portland!

from $49 per child

“It was so much fun!”

Santa Route Map

Santa Flight FAQs

When can I fly with Santa?

  • Santa flights are available from Nov. 30th through Dec. 31st, 7 days a week. Check online schedule during checkout for exact times available or call (503) 987-0060.

Can we take pictures before/during the flight?

  • Absolutely, that’s half the fun. Bring your cameras and take all the pictures you wish.

Is there a discount for children?

  • Yes! Children 12 and under get $10 off their tickets.

Can I fly with my infant?

  • Yes! Children under the age of 2 years old can ride on a parent’s lap for free.

Can my child fly alone with Santa or do I have to go too?

  • Your child can fly alone if he or she is comfortable with that. Keep in mind that we need a minimum of 2 people to fly. Single passengers will be combined with other riders as availability permits.

How many people can fly together? 

  • Up to 3 passengers can fly at one time

Is it warm in the helicopter? 

  • Yes! The helicopter is heated and the climate inside will be like in your car (minus the traffic jams and stop lights).
What are durations of the Santa tours? 
We’ve created two custom Santa routes to choose from:
  • Santa’s 6 mile route flies from the rooftop helipad down to the south waterfront, over the tram, and around downtown Portland, for just $59 per person ($49 for children under 12). This tour is about 6 minutes in duration. Weekdays from 12PM to 6PM and weekends from 9AM to 6PM. (See map)
  • Santa’s 15 mile route flies from the rooftop helipad, along the Willamette River to Lake Oswego, then turns and follows the West Hills up and around downtown Portland for just $99 per person ($89 for children under 12). This tour is about 15 minutes in duration. Weekdays from 12PM to 8:30PM and weekends from 9AM to 8:30PM. (See map)

What is the weight limit?

  • The total weight of all 3 passengers should not exceed 580 pounds. No single passenger weight may exceed 300 pounds.

Can Santa fly on your other tours? 

  • Currently we are only offering Santa on the specified Santa Routes. However if you would like to request arrangements for a special Santa flight on another route or on a custom tour please write us at [email protected] or call (503) 987-0060.

To see complete Terms & Conditions click here.