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Exclusive Multnomah Falls and Gorge Tour


A visually stunning, 55 – 60 mile round trip helicopter tour for those who want to take in the breathtaking natural beauty of Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge up close combined with the convenience and thrill of flying in and out of downtown Portland’s heliport.

This tour encompasses much of the very best of what our region has to offer – vibrant city views, big flowing rivers, snow capped volcanic peaks with their richly forested foothills and, of course, the amazing scale and unique beauty of the Columbia River Gorge. A National Scenic Area, the Gorge, as locals usually call it, truly impresses with its diversity of soaring cliffs and multiple waterfalls framing the deep, river-cut, canyon that plows straight through the monumental Cascade Mountain Range. Join us for a breathtaking experience of the Gorge as could only be witnessed from a helicopter.

From your cliff height vantage point you will be taking in both the mountainous vistas above and the mighty Columbia below you. And between those two are some of the most picturesque and tallest waterfalls in America. Of course Multnomah Falls is the best known and tallest of them all and you will see it in a way that few ever do. Take our hour long tour from downtown and enjoy the thrill of being in a downtown scene, boarding on a rooftop, and being whisked to a completely different landscape of surreal natural beauty. It’s easy, it’s comfortable, it’s memorable, and you’ll be back in time for those downtown dinner reservations with absolutely no chance of being caught in a traffic jam.

Experience the ultimate in northwest helicopter tours on our Exclusive Multnomah Falls and Gorge Tour.

Approximately 50 minutes onboard helicopter. Allow one hour and twenty minutes total for pre-boarding and pictures.

Exclusive Multnomah Falls & Gorge Helicopter Tour
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Looking for another option for seeing the Gorge by helicopter at a lower price point? Checkout our Gateway to the Gorge Helicopter Tour which departs out of Troutdale – a small berg east of Portland that is located at the mouth of the Columbia River Gorge.


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All tour routes and distances are approximate and given for general orientation purposes only.
Exact tour routing may deviate at pilot’s discretion due to weather and other factors.
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