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Exclusive Multnomah Falls and Gorge Tour


A visually stunning, 55 – 60 mile round trip helicopter tour for those who want to take in the breathtaking natural beauty of Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge up close combined with the convenience and thrill of flying in and out of downtown Portland’s heliport.

Exclusive Multnomah Falls and Gorge Tour

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A visually stunning, 55 – 60 mile round trip helicopter tour for those who want to take in the natural beauty of Oregon up close while still getting to see Portland’s amazing skyline.

You will take off from the downtown heliport in the center of Chinatown/Old Town Portland. Loop around downtown as the buildings and bridges of the Rose City spread out below you. Then you will turn eastward towards the Cascade Mountains and Oregon’s famed Columbia River Gorge.

Fly over east Portland, Gresham and Troutdale and watch as the foothills and mountains grow larger in the helicopters’ panoramic windows. From your aerial perspective you’ll see the open mouth of the Gorge far before you get there. With its cliffs, lush forests, water falls, and the mighty Columbia River running through it, the Columbia River Gorge is one of the nation’s truly amazing scenic wonders.

Enter the Gorge from the west and be immersed in its beauty as you take in the entire scene in one sweeping view. Fly over historic Crown Point at the entry to the Gorge. See historic Highway 30 wind its way up to the historic land mark Vista House. You will get great views of Latourell Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, and Rooster Rock. Ahead you will see one of the best known and loved waterfalls in the country – Multnomah Falls. The helicopter will hover and circle in the area of the falls to afford the perfect camera angle. Get your pictures of a lifetime and then west towards Portland. Follow the Columbia along its north bank over Camas and Vancouver, Washington and cross back into Oregon flying right over the top of Portland International Airport to descend into the center of Portland for some final unforgettable images.

Even if you’re an Oregonian and have been to the Gorge many times we assure you this opportunity to see it from a helicopter will be as special and unique an experience for you as it will be for someone visiting the region for the very first time. Make an amazing memory for yourself and your loved ones and book this amazing tour now.




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