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Order a helicopter to drop color at your gender reveal party

Is it a boy or a girl? You’ll know when the helicopter arrives! We can add fun, flare, and a lot of color to your gender reveal party. Just tell us the time and the place – we will fly over and release a huge cloud of pink or blue!

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Put on a great show for you and your guests. The color cloud will go on and on, providing lots of opportunities for pictures. The helicopter can come to your private address or you can gather in a public space such as a park or waterfront. Locations with a clear and open view of the sky work best. Booking is easy. A flat fee covers the helicopter and all the materials needed.* All you have to do is choose the time and date during checkout and provide the address of your gathering.
A fun and super memorable gender reveal party!
You may also purchase a gender reveal as a gift card for a friend who is planning a party. Gift cards are redeemable on any date for up to a year out.

*The price shown at check out applies to sites located within the purple ring area depicted in the map above. If your desired gender reveal location is outside of the ring, please contact us for a custom quote.

What you can expect

Planning Details

To prep for the reveal we will need to know the baby’s gender ahead of time. You can have a friend or relative call or text us with the news. Alternatively you can have your clinic send us the gender via email to [email protected].

Your helicopter crew will call or text you immediately before departing to your party site in order to double check that you and your guests are ready.

The helicopter will fly around your party to assess the location and give you notice that it has arrived. It will then descend lower and slow down in order to give you the best viewing angle for the color release. Note that the helicopter must fly in a way that does not endanger persons or property and therefore the exact height of the color release will vary depending on the location.

The color we use is non-hazardous, non-incindiary, biodegradable, and will dissipate entirely in the air without ever touching the ground.

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All gender reveal supplies are included with this purchase.

Gender reveal bookings may be cancelled or reschedule without fee or penalty by notifying us more than 24 hours prior to your tour time. Cancellations or reschedule requests with fewer than 24 hours will result in 100% forfeiture of funds. Please contact us immediately if your tour needs to be changed or cancelled.

If you are interested in adding color and fun on the ground by hiring a company to arrange your gender reveal party, contact Shakinfetti.com. Shaki Fetti works with Oregon Helicopters and can help you make an amazing gender reveal event!