Helicopter Rides at Events

Event riders

Throughout the year Oregon Helicopters takes helicopters to a variety of outdoor events: county fairs, food festivals, concerts, air shows, city parties, and many more. These rides are a great chance to have a helicopter tour experience in your home town or to check out the area around the event you are attending. To avoid lines,  helicopter rides offered at these events can usually be purchased ahead of time via our website here. Often these pre-purchased tickets are also offered at a discount to the walk-in price on site. To read more about events where we will soon be offering helicopter rides, please check out the links in the drop down menu.

Invite our helicopters to your event

Event Organizers: Helicopter rides at events add a dynamic energy and new attraction for your attendees. Helicopters are visually compelling and draw additional attention to the event you are putting on. Usually we can bring a helicopter to your event at no cost to you and can arrange almost all elements of the helicopter rides, from securing the landing space to staffing, to insuring. We will be happy to discuss possibilities with you. Contact us at (503) 987-0060 or write [email protected].

See you in the air over your event soon!