Oregon Helicopters


You’re invited to meet our friendly pilots and ask any questions you have about helicopters, flying, safety, becoming a pilot and anything else that interests you. This is a great chance to get up close to helicopters and chat with aviation professionals in a relaxed setting. You will be able to take pictures and climb onboard. If your child loves helicopters, they will really like this opportunity.

We also welcome those who are afraid of helicopters and flying and those who may be grieving the recent loss of Kobe Bryant and feel that getting near a helicopter and talking with someone in the industry may be of help.

All children will get a free toy helicopter replica of the very helicopters Oregon Helicopters flies on its tours (with a parents RSVP prior to the event).

NO PURCHASES ARE NECESSARY OR EXPECTED. However if you wish to take a helicopter flight, tours around Portland will be available at a discounted rate.

When: February 23rd, 10AM – 12PM
Where: Portland’s Rooftop Heliport, 33 NW Davis St. Portland OR 97209 (in Old Town Portland)
How: RSVP via Facebook or by emailing us, using the buttons below.
Why: For fun and to learn and share

RSVP By Email or Use Our Facebook Event Page

Ask our pilots questions
Climb onboard and take pictures